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Are Online Erotic Book Sales Targeting Our Children?

Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore has virtually any genre of literature you may like to read. There aren’t any restrictions, passwords or proof of age necessary to tap into this vast world of reading. Anyone can type a keyword and find thousands of references to view. As enticing that may be to an adult, the reality of what our children may stumble upon is a nightmare. Almost 3000 electronic books with graphic sexual pictures and hardcore porn writings promoting daddy – daughter rape, bondage, and humiliation are one click away for anyone, any age on the computer. If your child has access to an electronic device at school, home, the library or the store, only one keyword is needed to unlock this dark world of perverted sex. For instance, if a child types the word Daddy in the search bar, a drop-down menu will appear giving him/her the option of highlighting daddy erotica. Most children do not even know what erotica is, but once they hit the button, they will. Their innocence shattered as they plunge into a plethora of sexual fantasy, brutal rape, and incest books.


As Director of an advocacy group, forDignity, I partnered with Coralie Alison, an Advocate in Australia, to challenge Barnes & Noble to either remove these products or set up extreme safeguards to protect our children. While a community of concerned customers is alarmed and raising their voice, Barnes & Noble remains silent. Although Barnes & Noble has chosen not to respond, we must!

Incest is a vicious crime that shatters the victim’s soul, and it’s not glamorous or exciting as portrayed in these books. What decent company would allow innocent children to view this filth? We have a serious issue when a child can access ABC, 123 and Daddy Rapes His Teenage Virgin Daughter in the same search bar. We have a greater tragedy when corporations and media turn a blind eye!

Never before in history has hardcore, violent, graphic porn been available at a click of a button. We don’t even realize the full repercussion as a society to the damage we are enabling. Barnes & Noble is selling out our children for the sake of a dollar. They must take responsible action and safeguard innocent readers. You can’t walk into an adult bookstore and purchase children’s books, can you? Why then can a reader of any age access free excerpts of X-rated material on Barnes & Noble website? Will you stand with me and raise your voice? Will you carve three minutes out of your time to post on Barnes & Noble’s Facebook wall and demand action? Will you RT on Twitter @fordignity1? Will you contact people of influence via social media, email, and phone and let them know this is wrong? A community united is unstoppable.


by: Kelly Master, Director forDignity

Kelly Master
Kelly Master is a dynamic, tenacious leader who is fiercely committed to the call of Christ on her life. She is an energetic, passionate speaker who draws upon healing from past addictions, abuse, and shattered dreams to elevate and inspire others. She is Founder and Director of forDignity, and she is a sought out speaker who has a beautiful gift of translating life’ trials into opportunities of hope. She offers a fresh, relevant message to both believers and non-believers around the world. When Kelly is not speaking or advocating on behalf of others, she can be found serving at her local church or traveling with her family.

I wold be interesting in you speaking in my church. Where are you located? We are in Western North Carolina in the Mountains close to Asheville. Could you email information about you and your ministry please?

Hi Tonya: I have emailed you, but feel free to email me – Kelly@diningfordignity.org

Would love to speak at your church.

My personal website is http://www.kellymaster.com and my personal email is kelly@kellymaster.com

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