Kelly Master is a strong, tenacious leader who is fiercely committed to advocate for the sexually exploited. In 2011, when Kelly was first made aware of human sex trafficking, she was determined to make a difference and founded a non-profit called For Dignity (formerly known as Dining for Dignity), which equips the community on the topics of human sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and social media safety. Kelly is a knowledgeable advocate who is called upon regularly to guest lecture at universities, conferences, and public events. In 2016,  South Jersey Psychological Association awarded Dining for Dignity for their work with sexually exploited women.

Don’t miss this powerful 10 minute presentation on human trafficking that Kelly Master gave in 2015. You will quickly see why others call her a powerful and tenacious speaker.

Kelly Master – Power To Be Tea 2015 from A Woman’s Business on Vimeo.