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Twas the night before Christmas for Strippers

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my city
Ladies were stripping, and feeling so pretty.
Their hair and makeup were done with such care
in hopes that a customer soon would be there.

While the rest of the towns were snug in their beds,
Ladies were dancing on display instead.
Mothers and fathers home with their babies
Where was the love for these precious ladies?

All of a sudden there arose such a clatter,
everyone turned to see what was the matter.
Excited, the dancers jumped in a flash,
the “Church ladies” had arrived with their special stash.

Inside the bags were earrings and more,
the dancers knew what was in store.
Unconditional love, grace, and acceptance
Showered with hugs, much greater than presents.
Why were these strangers so kind and so giving?
Didn’t they see the life they were living?
Greater than judgment, love trumps the game;
isn’t that the reason the Son of God came?

Now Mercedes, Now Sasha, now Sugar, now Baby.
now Ginger, Now Tasha, now Angel, Now Candy
You are precious, valued and you are a treasure.
You are loved, and your worth is far above measure.

“As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.”
Trials of life won’t have the last word,
Every tear, every prayer, all the anguish has been heard.
His heart burns with passion; His eyes blaze with fire
Driven by love, His scarred hands reach into the mire.
No sin is that great, no darkness so much.
To keep Him away from extending His touch.

Come close and listen and hear what we say.
You have purpose and destiny that won’t go away.
Objectified, sexualized and labeled beyond words.
We stand beside you and validate your worth.
It’s an honor to know you, to serve you with love,
knowing the same, we received from above.
God bless you tenderly and in His perfect time
May you see the truth of His love divine.

Merry Christmas to all!  We love you!

(quotation is from actual poem)

Kelly Master
Kelly Master is a dynamic, tenacious leader who is fiercely committed to the call of Christ on her life. She is an energetic, passionate speaker who draws upon healing from past addictions, abuse, and shattered dreams to elevate and inspire others. She is Founder and Director of forDignity, and she is a sought out speaker who has a beautiful gift of translating life’ trials into opportunities of hope. She offers a fresh, relevant message to both believers and non-believers around the world. When Kelly is not speaking or advocating on behalf of others, she can be found serving at her local church or traveling with her family.

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