Kelly Master is a dynamic, tenacious leader who is fiercely committed to the call of Christ on her life. She is an energetic, passionate speaker who draws upon healing from past addictions, abuse, and shattered dreams to elevate and inspire others.

She is Founder and Director of forDignity, and she is a sought out speaker who has a beautiful gift of translating life’ trials into opportunities of hope. She offers a fresh, relevant message to both believers and non-believers around the world. When Kelly is not speaking or advocating on behalf of others, she can be found serving at her local church or traveling with her family.

In 2016, Kelly Master published her first book titled “SHINE – Uplifting Words for Girls in Stiletto’s” which she donated to forDignity. In Shine, Kelly shares true stories, wisdom, quotes, and affirmations to inspire and challenge you to unlock your true potential and embrace your amazing destiny. If you have ever questioned your purpose in life, felt stuck or in need of change, open this little book and dare to dream again. Begin to believe, as Kelly does, that you are a miracle in the making. You were created to SHINE!

This little book is inspiring women across the country. Originally the book was designed to empower ladies in the sex industry, and it has. However, the book is also inspiring women in prisons, rehabs, safe homes, churches and on the streets. Hope heals, and this little book of hope is healing many.


“Thank you for thinking about me and for the encouragement. Please send me anything else you may have.”- death row inmate

“I never knew God loved me” – inmate and former drug addict

“Thank you for taking the time out to pray and send us books. I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that people are praying for us. People that we don’t know at that. It is really a blessing! I hope that one day when I get out I have a chance to come and meet you guys  I can’t wait to read it and learn from it. I also have about ten pairs of stilettos. I love the title of the book “SHINE – Uplifting Words for Girls in Stilettos.” Thank you again!” – inmate

“Today I was blessed with the book SHINE that Pastor Chris brought to Celebrate Recovery. I want you to know how touched I was to know you thought of us. At times I feel people judge me and do not know me. I made very wrong choices, but I am a child of God. Thank you for your Christian kindness. I was blessed today!  Blessings to you and your ministry!” – inmate

“I just want to express my thanks for the inspirational book “SHINE.” It is so nice to know that people are thinking about us in here. It’s nice to always be reminded that we are not alone. We all will arise from the ashes and soar to new heights.” – inmate

“I read this book every night. It is so encouraging and helps me remember that people care.” – strip club dancer

“I LOVE THIS BOOK!” – strip club dancer

“This book is the real deal. I want to give it to everyone I know.” – strip club bouncer

“Thank you for this book. It really shows how much you care about the girls and we really appreciate it.” – strip club manager

“Don’t think what you are doing is going unnoticed! We appreciate what you are doing for the girls!” – strip club manager