Get Involved


Do you work for a corporation that sponsors charitable organizations? Won’t you consider partnering with forDignity to empower survivors of sexual exploitation? Here are some ways to make an impact in women’s lives in our communities.

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor for our annual Gala – She Has A Dream
  • Offer job training or employment opportunities
  • Invite Director Kelly Master to train your company
  • Host a fundraising event to benefit forDignity
  • Underwrite our yearly Gala
  • Volunteer hours or internships
  • Offer pro-bono counseling services to survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

For a copy of our annual budget, please email [email protected].


Churches or Civic Groups

There are many ways to partner with forDignity, and we welcome your help. Perhaps your group can get involved with one of the following suggested line items? Please feel free to contact us to discuss further [email protected] or (609) 332-5138.

  • Financial donations are always appreciated and tax-deductible. Our outreach cost $650+ a month. We give 300+ women a small gift bag every month that includes a couple of personal items and our contact information. This step is crucial in establishing relationships with the ladies in order to further resource and empower them. Donate Here
  • Donate toward follow up resource packages. When a lady from the sex industry contacts us, we send her a free resource package that includes two books written by former sex industry workers, a copy of SHINE and an encouraging card. – $50 each Donate Here
  • Donate $350 for a case of SHINE – Uplifting Words for Girls in Stilettos. This small book of Hope is uplifting, encouraging and inspiring women in prisons, strip clubs and sex trafficking homes across the nation. Donate Here
  • Donate toward forDignity’s overhead costs. We recently secured a modest office space and will be leading healing and recovery groups for sexually exploited women. Donate Here
  • Donate towards mental health counseling fund. Many ladies are dealing with PTSD and other complex mental health issues and do not have the finances to attend counseling. We are partnering with experienced therapists who will help change that. Donate Here
  • Invite forDignity team to lead a training or seminar. Learn why it’s important for the church to be engaged on the issues of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • Coordinate volunteers to place the human trafficking hotline number or hotline posters in strategic locations in your community.
  • Host a fundraising event to benefit forDignity’s efforts.
  • Invite Director Kelly Master to speak at your conference or special event.
  • Pray for victims of sexual exploitation in your neighborhood and that the perpetrators would be exposed.
  • Pray for those in prison in your communities
  • Take a collection of small makeup items to be used in monthly outreach bags.

“…and the greatest of these is love.”



Are you interested in partnering with forDignity? We welcome your help and have many ways to get involved.

  • Volunteer intern for social media
  • Volunteer intern as corporate donation liaison
  • Volunteer intern as Social Justice Coordinator
  • Volunteer intern as an Event Coordinator
  • Volunteer intern for administration
  • Volunteer for our Empowerment & Enrichment Events
  • Connect and share with us on social media
  • Attend our events and bring guests
  • Host an event to educate your friends
  • Spearhead a campaign to strategically give out HT hotline # cards
  • Invite forDignity team to speak at an event.
  • Donate or collect raffle basket items for our yearly fundraising banquet
  • Donate financially
  • Collect items for our monthly outreach program
  • Volunteer to package 300+ gift bags