For Dignity team is widely recognized for its expertise and passion on the subjects of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and adult industry outreach. Director Kelly Master is regularly invited to lead school assemblies, guest lecture at universities and speak at conferences throughout the country. Equipping others is essential in the holistic approach of strengthening communities against sexual exploitation and healing victims. Each training can be customized or one of the following formats can be selected.

Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention – Depending on the desired length of the presentation, the speaker can cover topics ranging from domestic and international human trafficking, sexual exploitation, sex tourism, social media safety, legislation, porn culture, signs to look for, action to take, and aftercare.  Presenter: Kelly Master

Sex, Lies & Duct Tape – An engaging presentation on porn addiction, porn culture, social media safety and human trafficking. This training provides an excellent condensed overview. 30 minutes – porn culture and social media, 30 minutes – human trafficking, 30 minutes – Q&A. Presenters: Carl Thomas and Kelly Master

Shattered to Wholeness – Hope that Heals – Concentrated sessions on the aftercare process. What distinct needs does a woman from the sex industry have and how do we holistically offer her healing.  Presenter: Kelly Master

Adult Industry Outreach Training (AIOT) One-day intensive training. You will be inspired and challenged as you gain insight into the adult entertainment industry. You will learn creative ways to build positive relationships with women who work in the adult sex industry. For those who already have an outreach team, we will help you take your ministry to the next level. For those who don’t know where to begin, we will help you launch. Kelly Master was trained by Harmony Dust and Strip Church Ministries in early 2012 and has since trained hundreds of others to replicate the same model of outreach. This training is guaranteed to open your eyes, shatter mindsets and offer you a different perspective on women in the sex industry. Kelly Master, the Emerge Team, and Guest Speakers