The forDignity team empowers women and connects them to necessary resources they may need.  We walk with victims and survivors, linking arms, holding them up and letting them know they are not alone.

“When you strengthen a woman, you strengthen the community.”

Addictions – Substance abuse, overdose, and death are not uncommon with women in the sex industry. If a woman decides she wants help, we will walk her through the process of securing a spot in a detox, rehab or recovery group and connect her to the appropriate resources along the way. Opiate addiction is epidemic and nobody should die from its cruel clutches without the opportunity first for freedom and sobriety.

Domestic Violence –  Many women find themselves seemingly stuck in toxic, dangerous relationships. If a woman wants help, we will assist her. We partner with community leaders to provide safe options for them to transition out of the violent relationship. Each year in NJ, there are approximately 65,000 cases of domestic violence called into the authorities. Women in the sex industry are more vulnerable to violent domestic relationships and their access to help maybe limited. That is why we are positioned to advocate on their behalf and to walk beside them through the process.

Safe Homes – When a victim of sexual exploitation determines she wants to remove herself from the chaos and heal, we will locate a safe home, provide a care package and walk her through the process until she is safe. We build strong relationships with Directors of safe homes and are confident in their ability to help.

Mental Health Counseling – We partner with the mental health community to secure pro-bono or minimal charge counseling for ladies in the sex industry. “Research indicates that women working in the adult sex industry suffer from PTSD at the same rate as a returning war vet.” (cited from

Career Counseling – We have a team of volunteers prepared to help women with career development.

Basic Needs – We assist women who need food, diapers, formula and other needs. We also offer them a list of food pantries and local services which can help them long term.

Books – Director Kelly Master wrote a small book of hope titled SHINE – Uplifting Words for Girls in Stilettos, and For Dignity donates thousands of copies to women every year who find themselves in strip clubs, prisons, rehabs, safe homes and the streets. It is a small tool to encourage these ladies not to give up and to remind each one of her worth.

Empowerment Days –  forDignity is offering Enrichment & Empowerment Days which will be held one – two times a year. These special events are designed to empower women who have been sexually exploited and offer them choices they may not currently have.

We are partnering with self-defense trainers, photographers, makeup artists, counselors, professors, musicians and vendors who have agreed to volunteer their time and talent for this worthy cause.

We will have a fun-filled, purposeful afternoon that will include free refreshments, motivational messages, giveaways, GED assistance, career development, counseling consults and more. Resource materials containing information on addiction recovery, suicide hotline, domestic violence, recovery homes and more will be available.