forDignity is strengthening communities against sexual exploitation and empowering victims and survivors with hope and dignity.

Our four Strategic Keys to accomplish this mission are:

Key One – Engage
The For Dignity team speaks regularly at high schools, universities, conferences and public panels on the issues of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and social media safety. These sessions serve as a tool for awareness, prevention, and restoration.

Key Two – Mobilize
Initiate and mobilize partnerships with community leaders to identify and solve the complex issues victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation face. This step is a crucial component in creating stronger and safer communities for all.

Key Three- Outreach
Emerge – Cutting edge program that offers hope to women in strip clubs and prisons.

Key Four – Empower
Identifying the immediate needs of a victim and either providing or connecting them to the resources necessary. Some areas of assistance would include addiction recovery, domestic violence shelter, sex trafficking home, counseling, GED assistance, employment assistance, or other basic needs.