forDignity is a non-profit 501C3 located in New Jersey that is actively advancing the safety of local communities by exposing sexual exploitation, preventing human trafficking and promoting healing in victims and survivors.

History: In July 2011, Kelly Master launched a monthly breakfast meeting titled “Dining for Dignity” to speak about the issue of human sex trafficking. The goal was to raise awareness and provoke others to take action. The dark and painful reality that human trafficking was happening in our communities drew attention, and a strong momentum began. Dining for Dignity flooded social media, established strategic partnerships with community leaders and kept the vital subject of human trafficking before everyone’s eyes. Kelly and her team were quickly known as a fierce voice against social injustice and a committed advocate for human trafficking victims and survivors. In 2016 the name was legally changed to forDignity, but the commitment remained steadfast. The forDignity team continues to have a solid reputation and is regularly invited to lead assemblies, seminars, and conferences throughout the country.

Today, forDignity actively partners with community leaders, NGO directors, and professionals to provide access to mental health counseling, addiction recovery, continuing education, career counseling and safe homes for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.


Mission: forDignity is committed to strengthening our communities against sexual exploitation and empowering victims and survivors with hope and dignity.

Vision: forDignity’s vision is that communities will be empowered to prevent, identify, and heal victims of sexual exploitation.


Please read Four Strategic Keys for greater insight.